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  1. How to content is only beneficial if accompanied with action. Consuming is not doing. Consuming is not practice. Often it is the opposite. Say you are watching a ‘how to’ piano video, one should be seated down with a piano for best results. Real hands on practice is the most…

Reading, watching, and listening is having its time over the last few months. With a cold winter and a deadly virus still hanging out, consuming the work of others from the safety of my apartment has been a top tier activity.


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Richard Feynman, Six Easy Pieces

Feynman is best known…

Easy to understand and easy to implement. How all habits should be.

Try this one for weight lose, increased energy, and general mood improvement.

Step one: Eat your last meal of the day one hour earlier than normal.

Some may call this dinner or supper. Regardless of what you call…

The ability to learn anything.

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If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. — Einstein.

Recently I gave a presentation on personal finance. Shortly after the presentation the host company asked for feedback from all the speakers. Another speaker sent a reply all with feedback. Her feedback; her subject, credit scores…

Our short attention and today's trends.

For three years and eleven months you know what most Americans don’t give a damn about? Swimming.

But once every four years the summer Olympics happen and suddenly swimming is talked about. There is an excitement that makes its way into our conversations. …

One you see it you can’t unsee it.

Super Bowl LV is fast approaching. Millions will gather in front of their televisions to watch and they will watch for different reasons; the game itself, the halftime show, and the commercials.

Allow me to categorize the SB spectactator types:

First our football fans. They watch because they enjoy football…

The following are actual events from November 28th 2014 to December 2nd 2014. Names were changed but they shouldn’t mind anyways as few people will read this.

Your mid to late 20’s is a self serving time for many. From 25–29 we are still deemed young without being that young…

I came to Medium wanting to write about self improvement for a bigger audience. Now I just want to write articles poking fun at the entire genre.

Most anything I’ve done in my life worth a damn has many someone’s to thank. …

Reflecting on our story in a new year.

As we cross over into into a new calendar year I tend to reflect rather than project. This year has been less than perfect for me but it has been catastrophic for millions of others. Since feeling that any misfortunes I may…

What are we doing here?

A hear those five words a few times every week. The are uttered by a sixty something year old man that I am proud to call a coworker.

When he utters those words it’s not praise. He says them in his thick Portuguese ancient and…

Jim Sestito

Building railroads by day. Teaching and writing about life and finance by night.

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